We are the RAPTORS .We reside in the rolling hills of central Kentucky. Perryville is
our home and is well-known for  the famous Civil War event “The Battle of Perryville”.
RAPTORS club was formed in 2003 and was founded on these three things…
Brotherhood...Friends….and Fun. These are three binding rings. The “common thread”
that intertwines and binds these three things is MOTORCYCLES!!!  
We love our

The Eagle is the symbol for freedom and also represents our Brotherhood which is made
up of three important qualities ….
loyalty …..pride…. and Respect. We should always
be loyal to each other. We should always take pride in our club and stand up for what we
believe in as a club. We should always respect our club’s members and their families,
other club’s patch holders and civilians. Equality is the keyword. “Always treat others like
you want to be treated.”

The saw blade represents our “Circle of Friends”. We should always Respect and
embrace this “Circle of friends”. We should always be willing to make new friends. We
should always enjoy the togetherness of our club’s members as well as being with others.

Nobody!….We like to have fun!!!  
Life is too short. We are here today and gone tomorrow.
Let your hair down once in a while.  
Live Laugh and Love
Party hard when you can.
Ride hard when you don‘t.
Always remember: It’s not the destination, It’s the journey.
So put your knees in the breeze,
Take it easy and ride ‘dat THANG!                        WE  ride together, we  party
We are the RAPTORS!
About us
and our patch